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Portal for extra technology, focusing support for our daily lives, from home to travel, from work to leisure time. Made for consumers and providers. Connecting solution seekers and inventors. Dive deeper into technology and follow our lead what is really needed to enjoy life and make it enjoyable for others. Join in and benefit from a techy community for businesses and users, even enrich this extra technology portal for offline and online lifestyles.
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Technology can be extreme sometimes. Yes, we can do a lot with our bare hands and smart minds. But to achieve greater targets and solving solutions for many we need the help of techy solutions. A fundamental questions is always: What really helps life plus does big tech protect others and nature? The huge trends differ widely: From going to Mars to stopping pollution of air, water and land. This Xtr portal sees the entire picture and shows perspectives being extremely smart in perfecting our personal life conditions on an international level. Secu-tech for us is securing and recovering a good life for everyone according to the different cultures of our super-tech planet: The world was full of technology in nature long before steel, oil and digital started conquering our lives.

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Technology sources

Ever wanted to know some of the best tech solutions? Where to start? The biggest? The most influential? The strongest? Let´s start with social technologies, helpful techniques that help bringing people together, connect families, friends and partners where we are - even in space. The way from signals to wires and to finally wireless was exciting especially during the last 50 years. 98% of the world population connected via a GSM networks in 193+ countries. This bings us to the owner of the Tesla company who has set up a privately owned satellite network on top of the terrestrial networks, called Starlink Spacex. Another side of the spectrum you find food and nutrition corporations that set new stadards in terms of health, wellbeing on an organic level. Riangana fro Austria has gathered some specialists and sources without becoming a medical company with a quality and freshness the European institutions can´t catch up with: Not allowed in the old style supermarkets but great in word of mouth. | The geo locator tells you what, where. | Each of the sub categories tells you the who-is-who. | The xtr benchmarking of an industry and relevant product and service niches ranges from luxury to cheaper, inclusive the free and all-inclusive bargains

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Techy events & innovations

Experience technology! Usually we just use what helps us without thinking about it. It´s just there. But someone tried to measure what we use in our daily lives. The result: A few hundreds years earlier each one of us would have needed around seventy people to get a similar life experience: Washing machine, electric power for phones, lights, computers, cooking, cooling, warming, driving, having water flowing in the walls, having food from dozens of different countries. We are not even awary how techy our lifestyles are, how dependent we are from artificial help. With Web3.0 this development jumps onto an new level with new hard to understand affects on everything. Security is getting the next big thing.

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Progress by technology

What makes life affordable and more easy. the many, many, many gadgets, helpers, systems surrounding and comforting us. Wow, this Apple machine I am writing on, the screen, the "online", which broadcasts if I press the publich button. Amaaaazing! Creativity seems to be unstoppable as we can at least visualize what is going on in our minds. With Internet 3.0, also called the metaverse "we" get overwhelmed by media. By the way: Media is nothing more than the translator of ideas and thoughts. It´s not the reality and the execution but just the trasnporter, the messenger, the postman. Why should we spend so much money and thoughts in delivery? While enjoying the fruits of good tech you will find freebies, unlimited something on the way and hacks and and-non ad hints, redipes and more.

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Technology for business

Making money out of great tech was not always the target. In not so long ancient times ;) people invented to ease their own and others life. The money thing came in later. Today people invent, create to not solve problems but to get into peoples pockets. Marketing eben became an own industry to profesionally train and equip people making people pay. Let´s see if the Xtr team can help us for the good biz with the good tech. We are also constantly surprised and excited what great niches some extraordinary personalities from all over the world fill out with perfect and inspirational solutions: simple and highyly effective. > In case you want to show your invention to the world: Drop us a line! Let´s see if we can help promotiing, funding and do more good to your project. | Influencers, creators, inventors: Feels free to share via Xtr. | Locan and online events: Let us know so that we can spread the word. We love to push smart teams and individuals with great visions.

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